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Are you in need of:
1. Network security analysis
2. Website design
3. Network design
4. Computer maintenance
5. IT Consultation
6. Android Training for Business Sign Up Today!

ITGuy Solutions

Business Packages

Standard rate $100/Hour

ITGuy Basic ITGuy Standard ITGuy Premium
ITGuy Platinum
10 Hours at $85 = $850 15 Hours at $80 = $1200 20 Hours at $75 = $1500 25 Hours at $70 = $1750

  1. These packages include all IT billable hours regarding Server/Networking/Computer support
  2. When the package is purchased we do not charge for email or phone support if the issue can be resolved in a reasonable amount time. (Under 15 minutes)
  3. These hours would not include designing systems they are meant for technical support only
  4. Please email for any IT Design needs

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