A Few Words About The ITGuy

ITGuy For years the ITGuy Has seen people get taken advantage of in the area of technology.

With that being said we've taken a completely different approach to supporting residential and businesses in this vital area of there lives.

We don't only fix your issue but we'll instruct you on how to resolve the problem yourself, if it should ever happen again.

We also go the EXTRA MILE, we provide 3 months of online support after we've resolved your issue, in short, this means we will tune-up, remove any virus, install any software, and basically do anything within our remote desktop capabilities, FOR FREE*.

So when you choose us you don't only get a one-time fix you get an ITGuy who is, willing and ready, to support you in your time of need. 

* This does not include onsite services

What's Our Story?

ITGuyITGuy Solutions LLC was started by George Khoshaba a graduate of DeVry University with a degree in Computer Engineering.

From there he worked at Motorola for 8 years as an IT Support Specialist, gaining invaluable real world IT experiance, This allowed him to branch out on his own and start a new beginning.

The ITGuy, was and will always be, a symbol of what Technology support should be. Because here at ITGuy Solutions we realize that everyone has a gift and thats what makes us special in our own way.

We will never talk down to someone who isnt "tech savvy", because you know what, YOU as the customer could do the same to us in a different field of expertise.

We're here to work with you, and HONESTY is truly our first policy! 

Our Guarantee

ITGuy Solutions GUARANTEES a resolution to your problem, we don't stop until the work is done.

In the event that we cannot fix your problem you will not be charged a penny!

Our Policy can't be beat!

Our Technology Credentials

Best In-Class Service - Our Certified technicians, engineers, and trainers are matched with your needs.

We specialize in almost every aspect of Information Technology; Areas such as computer repair, Network design, Server Support, Professional Website Design, and much more.

After working with us, these facts will be abundantly clear!

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